Changes in licensing scheme (good ones)

Old scheme is not practical for Renoise version numbering so we’ve come up with new and more modern one.

Old scheme: - You registered 1.x and receive free updates until 2.0
This scheme is based on old and obsolete model we can today overcome because we have detailed tracking of each registered user.

So new scheme is much more fair to everyone:

  • You registered 1.0 you get free updates until 2.0
  • You registered 1.1 you get free updates until 2.1
  • You registered 1.9 you get free updates until 2.9

There will be some other nice surprises for registered users (but one at the time, not today).

This new scheme is much more fair and with it each registered user receives entire 1.x version upgrade no matter when he registered (with old scheme if you registered with version 1.5 you get only 4 updates (1.6-1.9).

As you all know the time that takes to reach new major version is quite long (1.0 - 1.25 took 8 months and there were exactly 7 releases, that is almost one release each month)

So you can rest assured that your registration will last for a very, very, very, very long time!

Also with the new scheme there should be no those people that wait for 2.0 to register.
If you like the program now, register now, you don’t gain absolutely anything by waiting you only loose precious time you can use to compose!

About upgrade: it will be probably less price than price of registration. So full price is paid only ONCE!
We still haven’t decided yet about upgrade price but we’ll keep you informed.

We had 7 releases each one with tons of new features - just read readme.txt, and also had releases of few major web-site features
during this time of 8 months (songs page, newsletter, help pages, beta downloads and very soon WIP voting).

Now think again how much work has been put into all of this stuff and tell us do you know any software developer working more on its product and offering this much for such a (bargain) price?

Renoise Team

What about the planned higher prices?
(It’s mentioned on the registering page)

How much will the new price differ from the current?

I absolutely dont like the idea and I dont get the sense.

I registered renoise when it was 1.11 and I tried always to suggest changes to make it better and find bugs, and now it just feels awkward that I have to pay again earlier than other users which registered 1.2 or whatever although they are using a program which is so nice because I and alot of other early-registered users have put quite some effort in … :(

why dont make it as everybody else does ?

if you register for 1.x, all 1.x upgrades are free and upgrade to 2.x is cheaper than 2.x full price. ?!

ok, this post is long but it should clarify few things to all:

the new planned price will apply ONLY for the very first time registration!
current registered users will get CHEAPER upgrade and won’t pay again FULL price for the registration.
(disregard now the fact that this registration period is really long i.e. 2 years? maybe more?).

the full price is therefore paid only once.

however it is still too far to think of first time registration price for some new version
but we can be quite sure to say that if someone registers now it will be cheaper now for him than later.

this is because some later version will have much wider market and much more users including those that are not former trackers.
as renoise is growing rapidly and it will get to such market quite fast and we will be ready for it.

one note: this doesn’t by ANY CHANCE mean that we will disregard our current users and make a Cubase or something else
our existing users won’t like. Renoise will still be a tracker but just with much more options than before to make it accesible to more people.

to summarize, registered users will be on “price dropping” scheme because of their former loyalty to our software,
while unregistered will be on “price increase” scheme. i think nobody should have problem with that except those that wait forever to register,
and probably those that are never satisfied - but we can’t make it good for absolutely everybody (and we would be probably quite stupid if we thought we could),
therefore, the rules.

@looza: if you prefer not getting 2.1 we can charge you for 2.0 no problem :) just joking, don’t take this too seriously!
there is always someone that will register later and get some after-version. there is always someone that will buy computer later
and get faster CPU for the same price - but think of this: he won’t be working on it and having fun while you had, and eventually even have publishing contracts
during this time while you were registered! Also think of this: registration period is so long for the renoise (7 versions, 1.0-1.25 in 8 months
so you can really rest assured that you will probably forget a date when you registered first time.

finally, you are on “price drop” scheme rather than “price increase” for unregistered users. will it mean something to you
in let’s say… 2 years(?) when your registration “runs” out? i won’t assume things here, but i bet you’ll be able to
pay $450 and not $45 for upgrade (considering the time you had to earn it), but still, we WON’T charge you that as we didn’t said we will!
If 2 years doesn’t seem like a long time in the future then try to remember 2 years in the past and you’ll see it is really long time.
What did you do on 12 Feb 2001? I can remember I was coding Noisetrekker with Taktik but only because we have release dates! :)

However, it is quite hard to plan for lifetime upgrades: if there is a RADICAL change in licensing sheme that will be unavoidable
then registered users will get FREE upgrades. There is nothing more important to us than registered user, please understand that
we will always look for solution that will be first choice of registered users and not someone unregistered! This is what
registration really means with Renoise. It’s not and has never been only about those few bucks buy it has been way more than that.

just to say that this “version offset” registering method is just a superb idea, though I’ve registered ReNoise when it was at 1.0 so I won’t gain anything <_< :)

another great idea by ReNoise team!

btw, did you thought to the fact that you will probably have a registering BOOM when last 1.x version will be out?

If you claim a version to be the last 1.x, everyone would register it to benefit of the lower upgrade price.

For example, if you release 1.9, they will pay €45 to buy the toy and register it until 2.9, without supporting 1.x in any way.

this seems quite unfair for your work :blink:

yes, you are right, instead of low registration rate for 1.9 because 2.0 is near we’ll actually have improvement with each new version until 2.0, i never thought of it but it could be an side-effect of this new system.

Another way would be to let people register for upgrades during a period of time. 6 month budget version or 1year or 2 year or 3 years…
You subscribe for upgrades…

I like the current method! I think it offers incredible value for money (I registered right from the beginning (I think I was one of the first) and that was, what, six months ago? Or a year? (I can’t remember). Now look at the huge number of improvements in version 1.25, and that’s only 0.25 through my registration!
Another thing I like about Renoise is that, unlike FruityLoops or Orion, there is only one version, one product, and when you buy it, you get everything that is offered on the website. With FruityLoops and Orion, I always feel like I’d like to buy the most expensive version, as to buy a cheaper version would mean missing out on all those extras. With Renoise, you get all the ‘extras’ with the standard registration, which I much prefer.
The best £30 I ever spent!

Here’s my 2p’s worth…

I don’t think the price should go up for version 2.0… this is a purely commercial decision I would make if I were the one to make such a decision.

45.00 EUR is a reasonable price for such a piece of software, increasing it would actually reduce the number of new registrants… The 1.n - 2.n Idea is a really good one and this should simply determine when the upgrade fee is paid (as it does already, I know, I think upgrade price should be fixed at about half of the registration price)… but my point is that increasing the price when 2.0 comes out (albeit a long time from now, so there’s plenty of time to ponder all the comments in this thread) will slow down the growth of the user base.

Fact is, once the community is much larger there will be more people to upgrade regularly, but you can’t just keep increasing the price with every new version, because in order to keep new people coming you’d have to have different “packs” at different price points with different features, which as someone previously said is undesirable for the users as you don’t know which one to buy and whichever one you do decide on you feel that you were jipped (either out of the extra cash or the extra features).

For those who would whinge about “helping” to make renoise by testing early versions, making suggestions and registering early I’d say, yes, but you got the benefit of using it for all that time prior to when the later people registered it. You also got what you wanted in the upgrades. You also got software that was well worth what you paid at the time you paid it and if it’s no longer worth it for you to upgrade (when the time comes), then don’t.

It’s perfectly “fair” for some person to come along in a few years time when renoise is v3.5 or whatever and still pay 45 EUR for a great piece of software… just like Norton Antivirus, that’s really cheap (30 GBP) considering how great it is and all the effort that’s gone into it, because LOTS of people buy it. In the long term it will benefit the renoise team to keep the price fixed and have a larger base of users.



What will be the licensing scheme for the mac version, especially we also want to buy the win ?
is there any package planned ?

Like the scheme as it works now, but as there are some rich trackers out there who would love to see this project grow very fast, why not put up a paypal account for donations? You might be surprised… :)

Now that you’ve changed the version structure from x.yy to x.y the change seems that registered users will get 9 updates till next major release…
It is compensated by longer beta-testing periods i’ve also understood but will betaversions remain in the old version structure?

Guess this explains why Renoise is so cheap, you’re not allowed free updates for a lifetime (I seriously believed that!) But I think this thing is still very much worth the money…

Cheap? Yes… it’s really cheap comparing to other software VFM…
And i proud of it anyway !

Most commercial software I know about don’t offer free updates for a lifetime.
And anyway, the time between 1.0 and 2.0 will be more than two years with
a lot of upgrades. That’s a lot of value for 45$.

The reason Renoise is so cheap, is that we don’t do it for the money.
We all have jobs or studies, and work with Renoise in our free time.

Yeah ok I see. Well I guess “You learn something new every day” is true after all :D But will the cost for a new version be as much for an unregistered person than a registered one?

There will be upgrade prices.

when i renew my registration, can i get a t-shirt too? :P

And a mug? I’ll buy it if you do us a mug :dribble: :wink:

x.n->x+1.n, good idea. I’ll be buying it as soon as I can now I’ve read this. (Didn’t know for some reason). :rolleyes:

One other thing that is mentioned in the product’s description, is full MIDI support. But I don’t see a MIDI sysex dump/receive facility, how do people properly “load” their tunes? One slight misinformation imho. It would make me feel a lot happier after I buy this, if it 's implemented. OctaMED’s always worked a treat for me, even though it’s real basic one.

Everything else seems to work great though, pucker value for money. Keep up the good work!

Hi people!
Renoise is the tracker I’ve been looking for since Impulse Tracker 2.14.

I would love to buy it, but I have a question about doing that.
If I buy Renoise now, do I then purchase version 1.281?
The reason I want to know that is that, is because I don’t want to buy the 1.281 version, but the 1.5 version which is now in Aplha state.
Especially with the new licensing scheme it’s more interesting to buy the new version then the 1.2 version…

Anyone here who can make this clearer for me???