Changing Keyboard Shortcuts

I’d like to change the keyboard shortcuts so that spacebar plays from the current cursor location (like the right-click menu key currently does) and remove the short cut from the right-click key so that it actually opens the right-click menu.

(Right-click menu key is the one between the right-alt and right-control if you don’t know which one I mean)

Anyone know how to do this?

For starters, here’s a section from the user manual on changing the default keyboard mappings.

I’m on my work machine (Win), so I can quickly test how it works. The command you are after seems to be “Pause/Continue”. It can be found under Global:Transport. Or by typing “pause” on the search box. It seemed to be default mapped to a key named “Apps”. Map this to space, and you should be set to go, if I understood correctly what you’re after.

Seems like the second thing you’re after does not work, though. The “Apps” key won’t bring up a context menu in renoise window… Don’t know if there is a workaround.

Thanks a lot man, much appreciated! I’ll check that out tonight. I think if there’s no way to remove the apps key shortcuts I can whip something up in glovepie (so that the apps key is translated to a mouse right-click message before it gets to renoise). Minor hassle to open the script everytime but not the end of the world.

I think you can disable all the right hand modifiers, returning them to normal operation, and then Alt Gr might work to bring up Context Menu (although I’m not positive) but it would also affect your right Shift and Ctrl buttons too…