Changing note names?

Hi to all,

i’m making music in 72-tone equal temperament ( thought it would be nice to have proper names for notes according to tuning system. So I downloaded scripting starter pack, hoping to be able to change names by myself, but noticed following:

"What’s NOT possible with Renoise tools:

  • Change Renoise’s existing behaviour. Like, you can’t make all C-4s in the

pattern editor yellow instead of white. You can write your own pattern

editor, but not change the existing one."

So I’m guessing I can’t change note names? Is there any way to do this?

Thank you.

The closest thing I can think of is theMarks scripts:

Or the Track Comments script:

You will not be able to change elements in the interface. You can design your own though, for example. Pianon lol:


Thanks for these. I think I’m going to design my own interface then. A bit disappointing since I’m using Renoise as a fun manual composition/quick sketching tool and I like the standard tracker interface, so GUI programming seems a bit overkill. Then again I think Lua scripting is quite useful skill and actually seems quite fun and should be fairly easy as I’m fluent in C and C++.