Changing Pitch On A Breakbeat

ok to make a long story short, i would like to change the pitch on a breakbeat, without changing it’s tempo.

is this possible ?


To my mind it’s only possible if your break is composed by many single samples (one sample for one hit ; your break mustn’t be a single sample).

i don’t think it’s possible.

in ableton it is possible i think, warp-markers zomg.

in reason it is also possible with the rex2 format. but i think the reason way is actually emulatable, dunno.
cause all reason does is play back the various slices of the beat on a certain grid. so if reason doesn’t actually apply sum “audio stretching algorithm”, you could just slice the beat up and change the basenote of the various samples :d (thusly emulating rex2 pitch-shifting)

if i’m mistaken about the “reason way” plz someone correct me :0

You could try using a VST called RedShift which has several ways of pitchshifting a track in realtime and it works relatively good.

mmh i was afraid it wasn’t…

i’ll just have to fix all my breaks in ableton before getting them into the tracker…

If you’re willing to put in a little work with sample offset (09xx) you can achieve some moderately nice results.

If you’re willing to put a bit more work, you can get super nice results by cutting your break into individual hits, then looping the tail portion of each hit so it can play indefinitely, allowing you to do lots of fun stuff like playing the hits at any pitch, increasing the space between hits to slow down the beat at the original pitch, speed it up, etc.

A demo of both techniques:

Hopefully one day Renoise will have the ability to assign custom points within the sample (ie. one on every drum hit), and then you can trigger these points with a pattern command similar to 09xx. This would give the power of the sample cutting method, without the time-consuming cutting process.


dblue said it, just use offset commands and change the pitch by typing higher notes
instead of using c-4, use d-4 or whatever you like and use offset from 00 to ff in 32 or 64 rows, depends on the length of your break