changing plug-ins while using qwerty keyboard?


So when you open a plug-in and then play it from your qwerty , the sound cuts off everytime you change something on the plug-in interface, you have to click back to the renoise interface to make it play again, any way to fix this?

In the lower left corner of the plug-in GUI you’ll see the option: [] Enable Keyboard

4061 renoise-plugin-keyboard.png

Ensure this option is disabled while jamming with your QWERTY keyboard.

Additional note: Some bridged plug-ins (32-bit VST in 64-bit Renoise, for example) may unfortunately still behave strangely, regardless of the keyboard option.

Thanks, yes I’m using Neuron VS which doesn’t have that option , it says in the corner no focus options for bridged plugins, actually all my plug-ins say the same thing, any solutions?

If the majority of your plugins are 32-bit, then you should probably use the 32-bit version of Renoise to avoid bridging.

Likewise, if they’re mostly 64-bit, then use 64-bit Renoise.

Finally, check your Renoise plugin preferences. You might have enabled bridging (sandboxing, as we call it) yourself at some point. When you force it on this way, all your plugins will be bridged no matter what, which is probably not what you want.

ah yes, just worked it out myself but big thanks for the help, seems to work :)

Why is “enable keyboard” disabled always if the sandbox option is activated?

Because the plugin is running in an isolated thread and keystrokes simply cannot be forwarded in that situation?
Although that doesn’t sound logical when here in my case 32-bit plugins running bridged as well and i can still affect keyboard input.