Changing The Internals

Been busy lately, but managed to sneak in some Renoise-time for a track :) Feedback appreciated!

There is potential in this. Beginning sounds like some kind musicbox tune and then it transforms to this happy chiptune madness. Chiptune part gets better and better towards the end. Too bad you cut it short with that ending.

Something to bitch about:
Some samples sound out of tune and ending is horrible :) , but it made me smile so i guess its alright :D .
Overall could use little more work to make it more smoother,better structured, but is not a bad start.

It’s like technician cat in ur computer, fixin ur intarnets in music form!

The ending should have been much better, I agree-- even though I’m pretty fond of abrupt endings too :)
I might work a bit more on this when I find the time-- probably on the last piece/ending and extend it a bit.

I’m not quite sure how you can relate this song to that meme, but I suppose the title can kind of get you to think along those lines! :D

Thanks for the comments!

Awesome, loved the complex intertwined melodies.