Charly Linch Summermix!

This is a mix with one of my favourite songs and all these songs are also my influences for making the music I make now.
I hope this mix will be a discovery-walhalla for a lot of people.

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(You can also download it from soundcloud)


Charly Linch - Throatgaggers Summermix

Duration: 00:43:16
MP3 audiofile 160 kpbs
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  1. (00:01) Camel - Remote Romance
  2. (01.29) Steve Reich - The Desert Music (Freq Nasty & B.L.I.M remix)
  3. (04:28) Eboman - Donuts with Buddah (original)
  4. (06:41) Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip - Thou Shalt Always Kill
  5. (10:24) Sasha- Fundamental
  6. (13:53) Redsnapper - Shellback
  7. (16:35) Cychout Ghost - Kmfdub
  8. (18:24) Coldcut - Atomic Moog 2000 (cornelius remix)
  9. (20:35) Clark - Herr Bar
    10.(23:36) Hrvatski - Vatstep DSP
    11.(25:56) Michael J Rocks - Dystopian Movements
    12.(27:22) Teknoist - Lion Girl (Album version)
    13.(29:30) I:gor - Deadly Shaolin Revenger
    14.(31:10) Panacea VS Limewax - Candy Shop
    15.(33.44) Noisia - Diplodocus (dub)
    16.(34:28) Vivace - Jong belegen
    17.(36:19) Squarepusher - Lambic 9 Poetry
    18.(40:18) Satie - Gymnopedies part 1 (Lent Et Douloureux)

Wickerdee-wicked!! Most interesting tracklist, looking forward to listening this tonight…!! but where the hell is Charly Linch?!

Amazing mix man, wide selection of songs and flavours, very well put together!
And always nice to see some of my fave tracks too, haha! Kmfdub, Vatstep DSP,
this is pure car stereo material, gentlemen!


… and Satie to finish it off, brilliant.

dope mix! cheers

sweet! :walkman:

Every artist these days make mixes of the genre the make themself, but to be honoust, I don’t listen to breakcore that much. And the internet is full of breakcore mixes anyway.

I just wanted to make a mix of songs that I used to play a lot through the years.

… so no Charly Linch this time ;)

Sorry for my gentle bump here ;)

awesome mix mate really well mastered too, top quality!

“Don’t use poetry to get into a girl’s pants, use it to get into their headssssssss.”

This mix is on repeat today.

purrrrfect to start ze weekend, cheers!