Chase And Status Little Talk On Beats

I found it becouse i was looking something about that studio1, but never mind they doesnt work in it. I know its old.

Its more overal tips. Theres one thing took my attention. They said best mastering enginers told them: “Dont use maximilizer or limiter just do it by hand” (eqs etc). Realy good tips about layering breakbeats and beats. Sry for chaotric writing it was during little break in work :)
part 1

My main thought halfway through the first part; they keep saying, we like it clean, no compression, only a little bit eq blabla but they got all their sounds from sample CD’s.
So all the sounds they use are already fully mastered, all they have to do is throw it all together, no wonder it sounds tight :lol: (no offence)

Yeah its not hard to notice :) They use every thing sampled like ejay way of life. But in the end it sounds good.