Cheap Sound Prooofing

Does anyone have any very cost effective ways of sound proofing, or at least dampening, a room?

I had this idea of using mattress covers instead of egg crate foam because you can find them very cheap… but not sure how they compare to egg crate foam made for audio purposes.

I’ve also seen moving blankets used, which you can find very, very cheap.

Yep you already have the right idea…egg crates blankets sheets quilts towels…you’ll find a way to deaden/absorb the sound just fine :)

Here is a very good article on DIY sound proofing:
also the links provided therein are good reads ( in particular).
You don’t necessarily need to build floorstanding panels as they do in the article.

The suggestion is to use mineral wool:
For $60 you get 48 square feet of 2" thick mineral wool.
You’ll probably want to fix these to wood panels (with glue and/or screws), and wrap them in fabric.

This stuff is way cheaper and more effective than eggcrate foam, or any of the other materials suggested,
using a quilt or towel won’t so shit. You need thickness and density.

google search “producer blankets” these are very heavy moving blankets that have become a standard for sound control applications in various room and recording environments. they can be purchased individually or in dozens for a price break…as well have grommets sewn in for easy hanging.