Checkbox To Mark Non-essential Dsp Effects..

(individual instances, that is) …so that you can turn all of them off/on with a single button!

Reason: I like overusing effects that are CPU-heavy and make the sound “thicker”, but are not strictly necessary for composing. Yet some of them are (often those use very little CPU), so when I switch to “only internal effects” it’s not possible to compose in a meaniningful way most of the time. It’s possible to work around it by turning off tracks and taking notes of what to take a look at when listening to the rendered song, but I imagine such a feature could make that unnecessary in 9 out of 10 cases. :o

So you want some kind of mute button/function to bypass previously ‘marked’ vst(i)?
Maybe this is something that can be applied in the mixer screen, colorcoding the boxes you want to control or something :)

Yeah… colors instead of just checked/unchecked would ruuule…

Interesting idea.

BTW I noticed this today actually and it kind of relates:
In the mixerview you can make the FX checked/unchecked by pressing ALT and clicking on it.

/3 Years of Renoising -still a newb at all the little functions :)

Heh, join the club. ;)