Cheesy Trance Sounds

Can someone provide me some links for trance VST downloads? Thanks.

I’m too lazy to link…

Google for:

  • Triangle II
  • Minimogue

The z3ta!

and offcourse the albino!

not cheap but worth the money!

Superwave P8 - Freeware
reFX Nexus² - overpriced and overestimated rompler. Though comes with many mainstream patches for the usual trance track.

Thanks guys.

sylenth1, genesis cm, sw-trance pro

Ha ha, genesis cm…

at least I know I’m not the only one that reads CM mag. :)

no, the only thing i ever read from it were scanned help pages for genesis. i downloaded it all at some forum. btw, in my opinion, this synth has very good sound, but it also a bit buggy and unstable. at least on my setup. oh, and cpu hungry.

Yeah z3ta+ is the best one I have used for trance sounds.

Combine that with the Vengeance Club Sounds packs and you are rolling. Almost too easy with these tools.