Chemical Bros. Interview…_brothers.shtml

cool stuff, tho i somewhat have to disagree with the part stating that they keep bettering themselves. In my view they’ve gone somewhat downhill the last 3 years. Tho by all means they still rock!


I completely forgot that Bantai is the ‘Demokraven’ of old…

I friggin love that remix! I remember being stunned as to how the hell you did it!

Anyway, I liked the interview. I’m going to check the Chem Bros website now to see if they’ll have any tour dates in the US.

same here sometimes. I even render VSTs ore else if the cpu is up to 60 % which is unfortunately very often the case.

i loved modix. i used it to control my access virus, back then, but sadly it never got an update, and renoise is way better now… :)

btw. I bought the new chem. bros album, and it damn rocks. really good stuff