Chemical Brothers new album

Heres the opening track ofBorn In The Echos`

Hope the rest of the album is better than that. I prefer it when their beats were a bit more block rockin.

4:49 minutes of repeating loop… they could have done better on that one

I like it, maybe the vocals are a bit too Bee Gees for my taste, but overall i think it sounds pretty good.

I agree, vocals not killing it but the tune is full of modular goodness

It doesn’t seem to be compressed hard does it - maybe that’s why it appears a bit dull?

Anyway I bet it’s hypnotising on large speakers

Looks like they’ve used Renoises phase view window to make the video, it’s probably not though, but it looks very close to some of the animations i made with it earler. :slight_smile:

Mmh, I wished they had just come back with another one of those block rockin’ beats…

pretty allright!
quite a bit more jolly compared to most of their previous stuff though… and can’t say I loved the lyrics, but looking forward to the album!

Really like it, minus the chorus lyrics :huh:

Heres the opening track ofBorn In The Echos`

i wish renoise could do video like

the song is cool btw

i wish renoise could do video like

Capture the phase view, play with the ringmod and get just that, i mean the exact same animations!

Here’s a video i made with the phase view: