Child Not Chile

Here’s my new dance song called “Child Not Chile” it’s located at
have fun

maybe little too much distortion?

imo, this is almost too experimental to be judged or criticized in any way, but i’m gonna give it a try anyways:
i think it’s obvious you didn’t intend to follow any known and established song schemes and just did some freaking around with your lofi / distortion plugins… but the result is, at least for my ears, not very pleasant. the track doesn’t offer anything interesting to focus on for the listener. the soundquality is flat and noisy, the arrangement short and weird. there’s no melody/harmonies, which isn’t a bad thing, but there’s nothing being of any rhythmical interest as well.
those pads starting at 00:09min and ending at 00:18min are absolutely misplaced and unsuitable.

i’m really not trying to offend you, but i hope it didn’t take you longer than a few minutes to throw this together.

Thanks for the feedback fellas!

Keith303 you have the ear! I did use the lofi effect. I love that thing with a passion. It makes beats dirty like the worms. I’m sorry you didn’t have as much as a good time listening to it as I did putting it together.
Thanks anyway man.

i like also to use some distortion effect on drums from time to time, to make them crunchier, but that lo-fi you used makes the sound kinda too distorted, like keith said, not very pleasent for ears.
I think you will be better off using some tube distortion vst or something…
Amplitube is one of my favorite that i would suggest…

You’re showing a learning curve at least, good thing.

a truely magnificent attitude, because that’s what writing music is all about - to have some serious fun whilst creatively expressing oneself through art.

and your affection for the lofi effect might be the cause for my disfavour towards this track because one usually tends to overdo those kinda effects you’ve fallen in love with.
same happened to me when i first got my hands on a reverb - i put so much cloakin’ verb on my tracks that they absolutely perished in a soup of excessive reverberation. but i actually didn’t notice that back then until i got cured from my addiction to that certain effect and was able to dose its level and intensity.
so, to cut a long story short - in this case, less lofi would probably be the better lofi ;)

btw, may i ask since how long you’re into writing music?

That makes sense. I could understand how I can “cheapen” the effect if I use it on everything and when I do use it not too add too much. In the future I’ll rememind myself to be more disciplined especially for this side project where I only have a little amount of space to work in.

I’ve been making music on the computer for over three years now. But before I bought Renoise this past year, I was using FLStudio. I still like to play around in FLSTudio when I feel like writing catchy little pop songs or composing for my Origami Repetika project…but I’ve been trying to do work in Renoise so I can get good at making intricate glitch percussion sounds easier. Even though I haven’t used everything Renoise has to offer, I hold mad love with the idea of Renoise.

This track is too short and can’t seriously be considered by myself.

However, I was into the distortion! Don’t listen to anyone else, the distortion is pretty cool. You could start with it or something, then get rid of it and make the track closer to 5 minutes - then you’d have something, but right now you only have a loop.