Chip32, LFOs, and Instrument Automation


I just discovered this interesting trick, but it’s pretty impractical, so I thought I’d post it here in case anyone here could make some use of it. Basically what it is, is using an LFO to draw directly to Chip32’s wavetable, which can be used to produce some cool chip tune sounds, much like one oscillator to another.

First you’ll need to set up a Chip32 instrument, two LFOs, an instr. automation, and a hydra. Link one LFO to the hydra’s input, and the hydra’s first output to instr. automation. This sets the value at a point is drawn to the wavetable. Next set the other LFO’s output to the hydra’s output 1 parameter, and make sure that it has an amplitude of 11 and an offset of 8. This will cycle through each individual point on the wavetable.

Now, you can play with the waveforms and frequencies of the LFOs to update Chip32s wavetable in realtime! Make sure to use a higher LPC with the hydra’s parameter cycling LFO to reduce glitches. Sadly, hydra can only access wavetables 0 through 28, even though there are actually 31, so you’ll always have a blind spot, unless someone finds a fix of course.