Chipdisco V0.21 Public Release

It’s here!


Feedback most welcome, either here or in the blogpost comments. It seems to work well on Windows and Linux (as long as Java is installed, natch) and - as usual - there are some problems with MacOS…but I’m working on them. Bugreports from Mac users are particularly welcome at the moment.


Oh, P.S. If you happen to have a Korg NanoKontrol plugged in, with the default scene set, it should control ChipdiscoDJ (even the browser-based version). If not, have a glance at the MIDI implementation further down the page to see what the CC values are.

Man, this is awesome!!! :dribble:

Wow, what a great fun, thx! :walkman: :walkman: :walkman:

Thanks Cie!

I’ve made some updates since last night - it’ll now load from LHA, GZ and ZIP, it’s got some on-screen pitch (transpose) controls, the GUI has been improved and some OSX/Linux errors have been fixed.

hmm nano control eh? So would this work with the Kontrol49? How would one set this up to a midi controller or… something to control it? I’ll have at this when I get home FORSURE!! Actullly heard about this first on Jenoki’s site… KILLER!!! you rock Syph!


Cheers ninja! Kontrol49 - it should work fine. Further down the page (the page with the applet on it) is a list of MIDI CC numbers; I’m guessing Kontrol49 has a program similar to the NanoKontrol config app…where you customise the controllers and write the data to the hardware. If so, you just need to set the values to your desired hardware controls, choose the MIDI device from the dropdown menu in ChipdiscoDJ and you’re good to go!

F U C K Y E S ! ! ! !
You have NO IDEA how much this complements whats going on here in Winnipeg atm. This will benifit and help evolve my personal work anyway!! Thanks man!