[chipdub] Seven Points

To change my wicked post count of 666, here’s a chiptune I made with 1.9.1, and probably won’t finish. So, instead of gathering virtual dust I thought I would share it with you lot…enjoy! .

seven_points.xrns [119kb]

Cool tune, but it’s a CPU killer on my G5 1.8GHz.

Also, when I click “upgrade to latest version” my computer grinds for a minute or two before being usable again. Not that upgrading to the latest version would be salvageable, but I did it, and i’m on the fence weather the whole locking my computer experience is a Renoise 2.0 beta bug ot not?

Thanks Connor. I accidentally saved it using the latest beta. Link updated, no beta 2.0 required.
Edit: Automatic conversion breaks the track tempo, but I managed to convert it with no trouble

Just takes a while to convert the mastertracks tempo automation…