Chiptune Arpeggio As Seen In This Vid?

anyone want to point out to me what he’s doing exactly? I see he’s putting notes down the entire sequence then the 00XY (0037) all the way down. And adding different volume values down it, but for some reason I can’t get the same sound if I try it in renoise.

which lpb do you use?

the best way you can help us in helping you is by posting an XRNS file which shows what you are doing

I guess u need change ticks per line on 3. Its in song settings.

You can automate it with F2XX also.

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for sure, that was it. thank you! have one question though, what column is that with all the 1’s in it when he’s putting down notes? he changes it later but i have no idea what it is on milkytracker and couldn’t find out anything about it on google.


U r welcome.
Its instrument number. He drawed diffrents samples for emulating some kind of a resonance filter.

lol insanity