Chocolate (.xrns File) (2.8)

my laptop power cord bit the dust so to hold myself over while i wait for the replacement i loaded renoise onto my desktop which has none of my music related stuff on it (except my sample library) i figured since this is only using native plugs i’d up the .xrns (you’ll need the latest beta of 2.8 for it to play!) spent a few hours tonight tracking this and i’ll probably jump back into this one and tie up all the loose ends at some point, but for the most part it’s complete. (version 2, got rid of unused samples and tweaked the mix a bit, also added a bit of a lead like thing (a french horn that sounds more like a 303 i think.))

link should be good for a bit! enjoy, feel free to do whatever to it, give it a remix or something :)

Some nice ideas, cinematic sounds fits well, I buy it :). I would add a lead for some parts, this track is not fully developed for me. But maybe it’s just my taste. Overall good stuff, nice background music.

Not optimized, 58 MB is a bit too much (remember to cut unused samples - filesize decreases to about 20 MB), including not bad but not perfect sound quality :).

thx 4 the feedback jakim! i think your right, a lead is needed in a few places. i’ll work that in for the final release. and yeah, sorry about the file size, hehe probably should have deleted unused resources :P

upped it to soundcloud as well.

i like it, good job!

Will you post xrns file? :)

Thx guys!
I updated the first post with a link to the new .xrns. :)

I think this is absolutely awesome, I love it.

thx man! :)