Choosing A Tempo, Calculating Bpm ?


so in my first tracks i never thought abought tempo, i just started, after a while realised i forgot it and then went on with what i got :D

meanwhile i use a coupe of breaks and figured that 200bpm with 7 lpb works fine with the stuff i use.

so my general questions would be,

how do i figure out sample speed (and how important is this ?). i usually play around and force them by sync to fit, though i`m guessing that for example the pitch commands 01xx, 02xx only work well when the speed is set correct ?

could someone provide me with tempo combinations that work ? asking different, what is the relation between bpm and lpb ? is there an easy way to calculate working relations ?

and last, but important, friends provided me with samples either to help me out (i`m SO bad with base lines …) or to even remix their stuff. they gave me bpm speeds for their stuff, but since renoise uses not only bpm, how do i set the correct tempo ? for example a friend provided me with a 140bpm samplepack to remix his stuff - how do is set 140bpm straight ?

while searching for these questions i stumbled upon different, quite complex, answers on how to figure speeds; i honestly didn`t really get them ;)

maybe someone could enlighten me a bit :)

thx =)

BPM = Beats Per Minute
LPB - Lines Per Beat.

Should be quite self explanatory really.

BPM = 140 for your friends stems to remix.

LPB = whatever you want. The number of lines will be how many lines you have each beat in the bar (likely 4 as 4/4 signature is most common.) Probably easiest to use LPB of either 4 or 8 depending on how much finesse/micro-programming you want to do. 6 and 12 are often used if your music has a lot of triplet. Numbers like 5 or 7 will give your track a particular groove without having to program delay values but may sound a little odd.

Where you have used BPM=200 and LPB=7 how many lines are you actually using to a beat? Likelihood is your not writing at 200BPM but more likely 175BPM (200 * 7 / 8)

If you want to find the bpm of a sample, just open up an empty song, lay down an on-beat kick drum through-out the pattern. In another track trigger the sample (un-synced) on the first line, now fiddle with the BPM while you’re listening to them, once they’re matched up, you’ve got the bpm. ^~^

@kazakore ohh this explains a lot lol. i knew what the settings stand for but didn`t really “get” them :D
the tracks i did in lpb 7 where actually on 4 or 8 beats, the last one at 7 (wich explains why it sounds so weird - in a good way =)
well thx a lot, guess everything is figured out

@b0tul thx, gonna try that :)

only thing wich is left, why does the pitch command sound weird sometimes ? has this got to do anything with the song or sample tempo ? sometimes it sounds really fine, but often it sounds like one would put a finger on a turntable including a little glitch, sounding like an error ?