Chopped Tech House

would really like som feedback on this for quick fixes
before it flies to the netlabel.


vitaxin - tazty dziin (vocalisator mix) (—expired—)
vitaxin - tazty dziin (vocalisator mix) EDIT.2

*did some “improvements” on the hihat grooves.
*added some extra hihat’s and small hits. (low in the mix)
*small adjustments of the panning on the percussion.
*adjusted the levels and stereofx on the rhodes chords to make fit better in the soundimage.
*parted the rides a bit for more cohearance to the movements in the song
*cleaned up the transissions between the parts a bit more.

more feedback plz.

The beat is a little bit woody, the intended swing doesn’t come through clearly. Maybe the highhats are a little bit to silent and straight forward. The flowing thrings are decent and nice, the “hacked” vocals are fitting greatly. Not so the “rave chords”.
All in all quite nice track.

i don’t really understand the term “Woddy”

your absolutly right about the hihat groove.
it’s really straightforward. i forgot it in all the rest. :
thank you.

and the rave chords stands a bit out. gonna try to pull them back a
bit. and the rim hits i hear now… i got some work 2 morrow.

With woody I meant a little bit “wooden” or dry.

nice. i like dry.

i don’t like drowning sounds in lots of reverb.

Cool track. A few more breaks/skips/Hiccups would do it good, but overall it simply works. Honestly, I will put that into my djing-folder and play it whenever it fits.
what I dont like are the rides. dunno, I am fed up with rides. also maybe try to put some quiet bandpassed disco/funkloop in there, just for sake of groove.

Nice groove indeed… Could it be me but it seems the bassdrum is leaking some very low freqencies to the left? Bdrums are normally mono so just wondering… was that intentional?

there was this issue with a stereoimage setting i had on the master.
the whole thing was a bit stronger on the left side.

but i think i got that covered now in the new update.

btw. good spotting! :o

Thanks… now I know why I bought these really expensive cans again :D

i still need more feedback.

I can’t give yo any feedback, excepts that i like the song a lot. I don’t think the track is woody (dry and hollow) it’s more like phat and dry & I love that.

Tried to analyse the song from begin to the end, didnt’find anything that should be changed or something. For my personal taste I would have kept the busy double kick in the outro. The track feels a little empty in the last few seconds.
that’s all.

then i call this piece Done. and ready to go…

the end is a extended thing for dj’s.
like when you fade in another record over it, you only hear the vocals
mixed with the new elements.
thats why i stripped it down that mutch.

thanx for pushing my babybird out of the nest.
stretching it wings out and souring out into the horizon.

nice stuff. incessant bassline. i could never much get into tech house cuz it’s so repetitive… but this sounds really pro for sure.