Chopping Samples

i am using kontakt with renoise and wanted to switch to just using renoise as my main sampler and sequencer.

what i noticed in renoise is the lack in ability to assigning loop’s or slice’s to my mpd 16 midi controller pads.

i also discovered the workaround with using the sample offset 09xx effect, this actually worked pretty well for me. yet one element i could not reproduce is timestretching.

for example, i have a trumpet sample playing two identicle notes of the same length…how would i be able to timestrecth the second note within that sample to make it slower/stretch longer across a bar.

also, is there any other way to effieciently chop samples in renoise without the use of a sample offset effect?

and a legato function would be dope 2.

for this trumpet thing. if you want one note to span across a bar, cut that note out, paste it into a new instrument, set beatsync to 16 and turn it on.

(this will affect the pitch of the sample ofcourse)

yes that is a simple way, but i wanted that trumpet hit to actually be part of my loop, and just slow it down after i offset the hit.

im trying to keep my instruments to a minimal, thanks for the suggestions though. i can see the limitations of the sampler of renoise, i may or may not use kontakt, i just thought it would be really dope if i can use only one program.

does anyone know if what i am trying 2 do is possible with the use of the volumn slicer and offset effects?

Renoise does not have a built in timestreching function in the sampler or sample editor so I don’t think that would be possible by only using Renoise.

Well you can allways try to loop you sample at some points if it is a sample that you can loop.

usually what i do in situations like that (esp. with an even toned instrument like a horn) is use a mix of the 09xx offset command and a b0 and b1 in the panning collumn to manually loop a small section. that way you can extend the sustain slightly without having to hard set a loop on the sample itself.

ouaaa very good tip for working with loop

Florian, i hope you comtribute for the manual of renoise