Chopping Up Breaks With The 09 Command Help

ok you’ve probably allready had a go at this, on the sampler page you can preview your start point and it will show your 09 command code at the right bottom corver,

but it’s only 2 digits, so it’s not very accurate, and now i’ve got this problem where i do want that accurecy because 1 digit forward misses the start of this snare sound and 1 digit before is too early, HEEEEEEEEELP!

Then you need to cut up your sample in two parts to make the devision little less rough.
Renoise devides the total sample length in 256 equal pieces and if the sample is that huge that one step is too big to change the offset into the exact position you want to make Renoise trigger it from, you have to cut it up and add the other half in another sample slot.
There was this discussion to use an offset table instead that you predefine for your samples and assign each offset value to a slot contain the true position of where the sample should be played from precisely.

This might (no guarantee) be implemented in the (far) future, it has two advantages, you really assign precise points and you don’t need to figure out the position by browsing up the offset position in the sample editor.
Well the last thing not totally true, you need to define the points but this is actually just once for that sample.

Are you breaking your loops into 1 bar sections?
With traditional breaks, your hits will fall on predictable offsets as well as offer sufficient resolution to compensate for some degree of swing and natural variation.

In some cases if they are just little out of sync (one or two bpm) i timestretch them in an external editor to make them exactly match the bpm-rate of Renoise, in that case i only need to set the beatsync properly if that works out (it has been extended to 512 by now so you can use twice the size loop-samples as with 1.5) or else just use them on their original octave playrate.
To juggle them up it is easier to make them pass through glitch than applying manual commands.