chord mode

I remember some old trackers had a “chord entry” mode. The idea was that as you entered notes, the cursor would not move forward until you lift your fingers. Each new note would automatically get placed in the next column. Maybe I’m missing something, but this gets to be a bit of a pita in renoise. My workflow is - set cursor jump to 0, enter 1 note, move curser over to the right over the volume/other columns, enter another note, move cursor over to the right, repeat, etc. Must be a better way.

Hold Shift (after making sure Chord Mode is on.)

(Why is looking in the manual so hard?)

The chord mode easily pops up in the search when using the “chord” phrase, the keyboard method does not. The google search option does not really returns good directions what parts to seek for (key context is not shown in all cases even if the search phrase is pretty directional). I have linked that keyboard section into the chord mode button description, hopefully Google adds this context along next time.

I got both of my links by going to and searching for chord mode so that is complete and utter bullshit!

And just checked and it does for searching just chord as well, as the top link and everything! Sure once you open the page you might want to search the page for the word chord as it is tucked right away at the bottom, but is that so hard once you know it is on that page somewhere as searching the manual has given it to you as the number one result. (Or you could just look at the Contents as it has a clearly labelled title to the section!)

You know that the option is available. For someone seeking a feature like this, it would help if this description would also come forth in the small context snippet that google returns for the hit and it currently does not.
Chord Mode initially allows you to insert chords during recording, but that is not necessarily when editing single rows.

@kazakore easy man, would it make you happier if I posted this in beginner’s questions?

The thing is, chord mode already has a documented functionality and I have it on all the time. In most places in the manual, it says something like “Chord Mode: Toggles the recording of a single note at a time, or chords (i.e. multiple notes simultaneously) when recording “live”.”

Usually, when you read that a command has a certain function and it’s not what you’re looking for, one’s first thought isn’t “oh, well maybe there’s a secondary functionality documented somewhere else that is what I’m looking for”, you tend to look elsewhere.

Saying you search chord and is the first link. Scan of the Contents

I don’t understand how that can be so hard to find that you couldn’t in two years! Yes Beginners Questions would have been better but still would have left me a little surprised you hadn’t been able to discover something that is actually pretty well documented.