Chord Track / Chord Efx

I dont know of it would work but it would be very cool to add some nice guitar oriented functionality when using samples. I dont know if you could make a special kind of chord track or using 2 effect columns for this effect.

Line Note Ins Vol Pan EFX1 EFX2

Making a chord could look like this.
01 E - 3 02 40 G1 022 000

when using G0-GF in the pan column (don’t know if that particular effect is assagned already) it will use data from 2 efx columns to play a chord.

022 000 Would be the same as playing an “Em” string 2 and 3 will be playing band 2.
000 231 Would be the same as playing “Dm”
XX0 231 “X” could be used for strings not played…

E-3 in the note column could set the base note of the first string.

G0-GF would represent different delay span between each played string, where as G0 will play all the strings simultaneously, and G1 would play a string every tick G2 every 2nd tick etc… [/b]maybe not possible[b] but I’m open for more discussion and adeas regarding this…

I use sampled guitar notes and software guitars quite often and would love a feature like this without manually having to place every played string with a delay etc.

Any thoughts?