Chords for VST Instruments

Hey folks, I meant to post about this earlier, but I have a quick question regarding VST instruments:

When I playback one of my songs that contain VSTi’s, including reFX’s Nexus, I tend to have this issue making chords where it doesn’t detect one of its music notes on one track or two in Renoise. Should I export them as samples or what am I supposed to do instead? Also, is this a compatibility issue?

My take:

  1. Make sure to place all notes of a VSTi in the same track. Note columns can be added to a track with the -/+ buttons in the track header. If you place notes referring to the same VSTi in different tracks, you might get odd behaviors.

  2. Make sure that the VSTi program you are using is polyphonic. A monophonic program will only play one pitch at a time.

Answer number one was pretty much the problem I was looking for, and I thank you, joule! =D