Chorus And Flanger Filters

I noticed that chorus and flanger effects have filters now, which is good, but I fail to see the usefulness in them the way they’re currently configured. For chorus, the filter seems to be placed before the delay line. For flanger, the filter seems to be placed after it. There’s nothing here (that I can see) that couldn’t already be done by using a filter 2 module either before or after the chorus/flanger.
The usual practice when embedding a filter in a chorus/flanger is to put it in the delay line feedback loop. Is there any reason Renoise doesn’t do this?

This is more like a missing feature, not a flaw.
Sure you can just add a filter before/after those devices. But that is just inconvenient when you wanna do something fast and easy. And also to use the presets more effectively.
It was just very simple to add, and thats why it was done like this.

That said. For the missing feature of having filters in the feedback loop: I fully agree :)
That would be very cool. If this is easy to do, then perhaps we could squeeze in a small button to activate ‘successive filters’. But to permanent change the mode at this stage will make quite a few ppl angry I think :)

Ultimately we should have two separate filter for this (also optional a more precise multi parametric filter like the EQ5 for the feedback-loop-filter), and the simple filter2 after the chorus like now.
But with such expandable ‘multi-fx’ we shortly run out of parameters (15 parameter pattern editor limit).

Thats also why the Delay device did not get filters or input panning this time. And sure… successive (in feedback filters) was also discussed.
My prediction is that when we sometime in the future get rid of the 15 parameter limit, then there will be a new pimping of internal devices… hopefully :)

The day the hex limit gets broken will be a day one never forgets. Amen

That may be the most geeky thing I have ever read, ever.

God Bless You!!


Perhaps a simple pre/feedback/post switch which would let you decide where to put the filter would do? This would also fix the inconsistent placement of them now (pre-delay for chorus, post-delay for flanger, is there a reason for this anyway?).

I’m with preglow on this one. I’d also love to see the filters inside the feedback loop.

How about ability to open up a device like delay or flanger and put all kinds of effects in the feedback loop like filter, EQ or lofimat or some VST and then close it down again.

How about we just stick to the original topic.

Aye, officer!