Christian Fanatic Cats

I just laughed so hard :) Luving it, kthxbai

i agree - saw this on b3ta a while back and pissed myself


Favouritest random intarweb quote evar haha!!!

Ezekiel 25:17:

Teh walkies of the Ceiling Cat beliefer iz fightins an stuff by lotza unfair gredy aholes an George Boosh. Mani cheeborgrz 2 teh beliefer cat cuz of bein nice n stuff 2 helpin kitties thru teh scary plaice. He gud beliefer cat and finden losted kitties an such. Ceiling cat gonna pwn demz who fuk wit my budz. U kno mai name iz Ceiling Cat whe I’z scartchin yo ize out n such. (dere be sum despurting bout dis line, but dis as gud as any Ceiling Cat seeds, so et stayin)

Uhm… as much of a catlover that I am, I don’t understand approx 99% of anything that’s being written… not that the Bible itself was any clearer on some matters, but at least I knew what the words meant…

But, I DO like Ceiling Cat for creating the universe… that’s as much sense I can make of this. I’m blond, not 1337, I guess…?

makes me wonder. is there a ceiling cat? or are we really living in a glass bowl on a turtles back, that stands on a bit larger turtles back…

The Ceiling Cat Rules!
he knows what is right.