chunter - Organized by Sound

This is a collection of vocal and instrumental pop songs flowing between the styles, feelings, and moods of an introverted hobbyist with a small, growing family.
Featuring the following voicebanks of the UTAU speech synthesizer: Kasane Teto, Momone Momo, Pam, and Pamyu

also the Vocaloid voicebank Megpoid Gumi and the Alter/Ego voicebank Daisy Bell.

Mixed and mastered using Renoise version 3.0

Instruments include but are not limited to: emulated SID (VST synths, Deflemask) FM, sample playing, sometimes with Schism Tracker, and guitar playing.

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This is indeed my favorite chunter album to date. The songs stand strong on their own and yet there’s a natural flow and cohesiveness to the whole album. It’s quite a trip and each time I listen I recognize things that I haven’t noticed hearing before. This is one of the best headphone albums I’ve experienced so far in my life as well. Whether I have my eyes closed and listening or browsing the Web on my phone with this on, I feel that I’m in the universe of desktop pop. Thank you for working hard on your craft and making this album. It’s a treasure chest of priceless wonder and excitement.

Thanks indeed!