Cie - Bonbon


an new Ep called “Bonbon” was released today on broque [051].
Feedback would be nice :)

Schwedische Gardinen
Mike and Bob Remix
Das dunkle abc
all tracks in a zip-file

sorry, cant load them.

hmm, bad links? get it on!
looking forward to checking this out :)

Thanks for your interest :)
Hmmm strange, the links are working for me.
Anyway I have uploaded them elsewhere. Please try this:

Schwedische Gardinen
Mike and Bob Remix
Das dunkle abc
Das Privileg
all in a zip

Also you could have a look at the release page of broque: click

I like the stuff a lot! Very imaginative kind of music!

“Pulver” was my fave track on this ep. The bassline is catchy :)

Quite minimal and unobtrusive songs. Did find them a bit too dry personally but otherwise nice work.

these are all pretty sleek tracks. they sound very polished and clean, which i think suits them well most of the time. “Das Privileg” stands out the crowd though - it’s a splendid track.
thanks for sharing the mp3s, even though i’d have prefered the .xrns’s (no matter what plugins you used) ;)

Thank you :)

@keith303: In normal case I do not use plugins, except for the drums (Drumatic3), but Midi. If you are interested in a xrns-file just pm me. ;)

this is a great ep Cie! enjoying it :)

lately i’ve been working on some stuff like this myself, but nothing is quite ready yet.
hoping to put together an ep sometime soon.

oh, and funny, i discovered on your myspace page that you too have done a remix for pamela hute… i did one of “my dear”, thought i’d post it here soon

anyway, thanks for sharing this :yeah:

thanks, Denim :)
Yes the pamela hute remix was fun, but not that successfull unfortunately ;)
I am looking forward to listen to your remix :)

Man, I am glad that I found this thread (better later than never). Really nice stuff so far (and while typing this, I’m only two tracks in!)

“Schwedische gardinen” really sounds “german techno” to me as it reminds me a lot of the stuff I used to listen to as a kid from my brothers “Techno Trax”-compilation cd’s, 15-20 years ago. Something with the combination of the beats and the chords, I guess. Great stuff!

continues to listen

Edit: Have listened to the album a couple of times now and enjoyed it. I like your pads and stabs, thick and heavy. Would be interesting to hear how you work and with what kind of gear. It’s more and more seldom these days that you actually hear noise and static beeps in the music - which was kind of refreshing, so I’m guessing you are using hardware for the most part?

Anyway, will definitely recommend this!

Thank you very much for the nice review :)
Yes you are right, except for the drums all sounds are from hardware. For this EP I mainly used the Access Virus C and sometimes the Yamaha An1x. The endmixing is then done with a Mackie 1402 VLZ. If you like, you can see some pictures from it on my homepage (under the link about, please scroll down).
All tracks are of course made with Renoise :)