Cie - Land In Sicht

I am looking forward to comments :)

Style: Techno/Tech-House

stream (Track 12) (Here you can DL a nice compilation also)

fucking love it. Where I can download more?

Thank you :)
You can download some more tracks on my homepage

Nice stuff. First I was a bit hesitant on my judgement on some of the sounds chosen, but after a while listening to it, it started to grow on me. :)

great track

I listened to some more songs of you …really nice
‘Heaven over cologne’ is fabulous …

Good stuff, my kinda techno… I dig the warm drumsounds and analog feel in this one, also playing stuff in your MySpace atm. :)

Cool, I like the way this builds. It comes together really well around 1.52.

The female vocal sample is wicked too.

This track would site really nicely in an epic techno set.

Thank you all :)

great track.