Cie - Sieb


it would be very nice to get some feedback of a new Tech-House/Techno track called “Sieb”.

It was released on a compilation of the netlabel ideology. You can download the complete release here.

Massive, i found my in ears headphones got subwoofer. Realy good track :) I hope you dont mind if i share this track on some other forums? ;)

Thank you very much, very motivating. :)
Yes you are welcome to spread it wherever you would like to, thanks! :)

Chill song indeed! It has some bluetech influences, but then in a techno style.
Is that a virus string btw? Nice dynamics in the sound (mastering?)

Thank you :)
Yes the strings and most other sounds besides the drums and chords are from the Virus C.
The credits for the final mastering go to Sudio. The raw song was not that dynamic ;)