Anyone know of this guys work? If so, you’ll enjoy this interview I did for the tindie blog with him!

Awesome interview. I really liked the props to Ray Wilson. MFOS is amazing and Ray was one of the most helpful knowledgeable, kind dudes around. I count myself lucky to have built his projects while he was still around to share his wisdom and joy.

Excellent glad you enjoyed it. He was really full in his answers, which was great. Where did you work with Ray and what did you work on?

I built a bunch of his designs, oscillators, filters, adsrs… basically every basic synth module, a few weird ones, and several iterations of the noise box. I was very into designing and burning my own boards at the time and Ray was very supportive of that and helped me on several occasions. I somehow lost some of those dang 2k tempcos his vcos use and he just up and sent me more. Having dealt with Oakley for many years, Ray’s approach to DIY was refreshing. He will be missed.

That’s cool, his site always seemed like a mecca of diy stuff - we’d be nowhere without people like him

I have a couple of his devices (bent zoom 1204, behringer kit which I installed), good stuff.

Yeah hes a great bloke, no one quite like him