Does anyone here play civilization?
I am currently addicted.

I gave my copy to a friend because it was sucking away too much time :) Might ask it back soon

Honestly? I was anxiously waiting for it to come out when it first was released…

still almost always within the top 3 disks on the pile (I have piles of cds rather than order and organisation)

(so thats a yes)
(and yes I got that sig line from “drama” [got in joke?])

I liked Civ3. Was a big fan of Civ1 and Colonization aswell, hundreds of hours wasted on them :)

Btw check out Freeciv also

I basically survived boarding school with Civ2 and a laptop…

life is too short to play videogames AND master Renoise 2.0.
Choose one :)

That explains the absence of nibbles in 2.0

yeah, exactly the same here.

I think the solution is an xml generator based on your progress in civilization.

So who do you guys usually play?
If I’m going for an offensive game, I usually play mongols, but i always usually go for a creative society for the benefits of generating culture straight away.

I always seem to enter some kind of strange timewarp or the spacetime continuum gets distorted. Every time I play a few turns the world is put in fast forward and it’s several hours later when I stop playing.

I installed the latest expansion pack just two weeks ago, so now I can play as the Dutch… Overall, I tend to pick a creative people and try to be the first that invents all the religions and spread them to all the cities. When the specific religion wonders are built, gold is flowing into my civilization.

That said, I do suck at higher levels of difficulty :P

I’m playing egypt with this tactic at the moment, it was going really well till greece decided that they wanted some of that gold and attacked me, despite being friendly towards me and followers of my religions. I’ve managed to fight them off, but in the process, set myself back a little bit and now the aztec are having a go.
It’s not easy being omnipotent.

and I’m the same with sucking on high difficulty levels, in fact, I very rarely win (other than time victories) even on noble, mainly because i can never concentrate on one thing.

I have this game down pat.

Your best option - with any civ - is to go straight for the killing. Take out your nearest neighbour (or two) as soon as you get copper. Go like buggery to research copper, then build axemen like crazy. This is the biggest advantage in the game; the first person to have 5+ axemen and use them propperly can pretty much stomp right over his/her opponents with almost no actual opposition… gets hard to do on the highest difficulty, but this is still your best bet. After that, make sure you get Judaism, thats the first real religion you have to worry about. Buddhism and Hinduism can be taken by force, as you can pretty much guarantee the civs that got those two weren’t opting for military victory. Main point is to always be at war with someone weaker than you, that way you’re always a ) getting unit experience and b ) taking land. Taking land by force is more efficient in terms of total overall growth than expansion - unless you have an entire island to yourself and a city with 4 or more food resources… in this case go one settler, then one worker, and keep doing this till you run out of space. Ignore your economy, and use the guys you’re killing for gold… if you’re at war with someone who has better tech than you, annihilate them down to their last city then propose peace in exchange for all their gold and tech (this usually works when they are backed against the wall), wait 10 turns, and take em out for good so the populace of the cities you have already taken don’t bitch about returning to motherland…

oh yes, and I’ve chosen renoise 2.0, havent touched ANY game since downloading it :slight_smile:

Listen to the hunting tech wisdom - if you chase two rabbits, you’ll lose them both! stick to one tactic beginning to end, thats surefire victory on noble, surefire “survival” on harder difficulties :slight_smile: