CLAP New plugins standard

I really like the movement that is happening around these innovations, but there is a high probability that we will see support for this format quite soon. since the announcement of Taktik was earlier that new features are being developed. given the pedantry and concentration of developers, this may be for the best while the final formation of standards for this branch of plugins is underway.

From a licensing perspective I’m all for this, and its approach to multi-core support is interesting. I don’t have a strong opinion on per-note parameter automation: I’ve never had an MPE or MIDI setup myself. My gut feeling is this feature will be good for those who do, but it still needs plugins to actually support it; e.g. there’s no point being theoretically able to send a per-note filter cutoff to a plug-in that is coded to apply a common filter envelope to every voice.

Curious to see if the approach to threading makes linking multiple plugin instances any harder or easier to implement, for particular routing & mixing plugins.

My main concern, though, is this talk of extensions and rapid feature development. This could backfire horribly if we end up with a fragmented ecosystem, where different hosts all implement different API versions and extension sets. Standardised functionality is absolutely critical to interoperability.


+1 for CLAP support in Renoise!
for polyphonic modulations and optimised performance alone, this is a no-brainer IMHO :wink:

this website tracks hosts and plugins already supporting CLAP:

according to u-he - CLAP | Clever Audio Plug-in API, several companies (from small to large such as Epic) are already evaluating the technology.

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Polyphonic modulation is not supported on plugin level in Renoise, it would require a massive rewrite of lot of parts in Renoise, even the pattern system.

wouldn’t the CLAP plugin format actually make it possible? eg: a CLAP modulation plugin sending polyphonic modulations to a CLAP synth plugin
or is that functionality managed at DAW level?
i was under the impression that CLAP modulations were similar to LV2 CV modulations but polyphonic.

No, because renoise Modulators only work per track, just like automation. If a plug-in was loaded into a sample slot of the renoise instrument structure , it would be different maybe (but already lot of changes in the current concept). Then there is no way currently to actually set automation per note (only for renoise instruments and then only using hex values).

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hmhm! ok understood :slight_smile:

it’s quite a difference in Bitwig for sure.