Clarification Of Sneak Peak Info

I’m not sure if it’s taboo to post questions in this area asking about information about the new release, but I’m really curious about this:

I saw that there was to be improvements in terms of MIDI import, and was wondering if the (in my opinion desperately needed) new version will “follow” the automation curves before and after an automation curve might be drawn in? Also, is there any chance you’ve included a feature to keep an external midi controller synced to this? (ie. if you move to the begining of a song and 5 virtual knobs/faders which are linked to 5 real knobs/faders have changed value, renoise would output the software’s current value to the hardware.

I’m crossing my fingers for this, because behringer just came out with a really sweet reotary encoder knob box w/ an led ring around each knob. It would make using renoise amazing in my opinion.


hehe, well at least part of my concerns of that last post can be ignored… it turns out that the beringer controller I just mentioned with 32 rotary encoders can be set to output 2’s complement, binary offset and Most Significant Bit (MSB) controller types… at least two of which are supported by Renoise.

All for $150!

wow. I’m ordering asap.



any information on this… please?