Clashing Bass

So, well, ehm.
I unfortunately don’t have really much knowledge about audio and soundwaves, so excuse such an amature-question.

Alright, so, I am currently working on my second song with Renoise but I am currently encountering a problem with the Bass.
The Bass is supposed to be Mono in the default settings, but you can change it to Stereo, thus I used the same instrument on the same
channel with, lets take one column for example, F-3 + F-4 + C-4. These clash and create some unwanted noises, which I really don’t like.
I think it’s because its supposed to be Mono in the first place, but I can’t seem to find any other synth-bass which is as linear as the
one I am currently using. I hope somebody can tell me what I did wrong. :confused:

I’m using the “iloSynth1 (Rubber Bass 1)” in case its important to know.