Clavia G2 Recording Automationdata?

Hello and welcome at my first post :slight_smile:

I dont know if this is a specific G2 “Problem” or representative for every “Hardware”-Synth.
If I load a Patch at my G2 and assign a Button to a CC#, load the MidiCCDevice, and chose the CC# wich i assign… I can draw a Automationcurve and this move the Button in my Patch. But how can i record the movement of the Hardwarebutton (that i assign allso to the Botton in my Patch) in Renoise? I try it with Midimapping to the sliding controller and so on… no sucsess…

I hope i can put this probblem into words you understand… :slight_smile:

Thanx Jens

How are your MIDI properties in the configuration menu? Did you picked the proper A/B/ in devices?
Do you know the CC-bit type that your device produces?