Clear Your Caches For The New Frontpage...

I could tell the whole story in here again,

But you can just browse to and refresh your cache.
(Owh, and finally add the rss feeds to your newsfeeder)

Nice! This should make it easier for members to quickly post news. Like the Work in Progress:Next edition looks at the date ;)

finally rss feed :) great!

Nice one, this was needed! :)

Oh, and would it be possible to let the community-page extend all over the screen, as I have to scroll left and right quite a bit?

Ofcorse I can just bookmark the community-this page instead, as I open that page in a new window whenever posts exeed the with of the RNS-frame…

There is a really strange bug in the page now. If you go from


you get a page not found error.

it wasn’t that strange… the community page is linking to the old versions.

Neat. :)

I also got an error (with Firefox), but it’s just for the background to the right of the content frame:

Not Found  
The requested URL /community_empty.htm was not found on this server.  
Apache/2.0.52 (Unix) PHP/4.3.10 DAV/2 Server at Port 80  

Yeahm, the community page didn’t contain the header meta tags to turn off browser cache (the one you still had in your cache), even so, now that i have added the tags, the various “no-cache” meta tags doesn’t seem to impress Firefox enough to do as desired.
That’s why the title says:Clear your caches.
Once you have hard-refreshed all pages, you should not receive any errors anymore.

The index.htm has been removed else the php script-file would never be executed.

:unsure: …I thought it was just an expression.

:P Nah, sorry. Will read the post (topic even) the next time.