Clickfix 3.03 Released

I know this is something very special-interest, but maybe someone would like to know this :

Clickfix got updated to version 3.03. I know that this plugin is nearly unknown, so a little introduction : It is a plugin for Cooledit/Audition which removes clicks and crackles from vinyl-recordings. This may seem useless because Audition has a Clickeliminator built in, but this is one is waaay faster (up to 10 times in the previous versions, this one claims to be even twice as fast as that) and it definately does a much better job at distinguishing between clicks and hard attack sounds (percussions). I am using the Lite-Edition for some years now, definately some of the best 19$ I ever spent.

I can really recommend this if you often sample from vinyl or plan to digitalize LPs or something (especially useful for that, chews through a 20-minute-LP side in 3-4 minutes on my PC and the result is perfect) go check the demo out :