Clicking And Poping M-audio Firewire 410

I’m using a macbook 2.16 ghz core 2 duo with 1gb ram, so the pc should be able to handle my songs. It doesn’t matter if i’m using ASIO or directsound, clicking still occurs, yet less frequently at higher buffer size.

I’m running windows xp sp2. and have tested the same results in 1.8 and 1.9b5. happens most frequently with songs containing vstis. I use VOPM, reaktor 5, nusofting harptime, syntheway strings, and audiorealism bassline; usually 3 simultaneously tops.

Clicking never occurred on my older imac g5 runing os x and same firewire 410 with low latency (i don’t remember asio being an option however).

through searching the forums i found some suggesting i use windows sp1 instead because of m$ ignorance. I just want to refresh this issue and get confirmation before i do anything too time consuming to fix this.

clicking in my tracks makes me so sad :(

that’s the worst news i’ve had in a long time :’(

no fix? different card?

well some of you are playing live, how are you getting a clean sound? it can’t be that every firewire audiocard clicks with every windows setup.

also, when using ableton live running samples, audio realism bassline, and three instances of reaktor 5 in asio there is no clicking.

i don’t want to use live ;) (renoise represent)

i’ll tell people i meticulously placed each click/pop intentionally as directed by the hand of god