clicks and pops

so i just switched over to this ‘new’ machine… nothing fancy… dell with windows 7, dual-core 1.8ghz, 3ghz of ram.

inside renoise i get clicks and pops with vstis (tried medusa2 and charlatan 1.4.1). sometimes, the clicks are regular-sounding… like they’re being caused by something in the ‘soundchipset’?

anyway, once rendered, it sounds like the pops definitely aren’t there in the resulting audio.

so i can live with this, but it would be nice to get rid of the pops inside renoise. is it probably a dell-specific or win7-specific problem?

Perhaps your latency / buffer size is set a bit too low in the audio preferences? Try to increase it gradually and see if that helps.

Hi! Have you already tried to adjust your latency settings in audio preferences? If you set it differently, do the clicks/pops disappear?

–dblue beat me. My latency was sixty thousand milliseconds too high.

yes! sounds like it was latency. it’d been turned down to 5ms. turned it back up to 10ms and it sounds clear again. thanks.