Clip Problem

you know when you’ve got your sample, and in the DSP you got some effects, well when you add those effects to the sample using that little ‘FX’ button, somtimes it will cause it to clip and it’s ruined! any idea what to do?

Lower the master volume ?

no it clips on the actual sample. you can see it visually.

does “Render to Sample” return same clipped sample?

If it clips on the sample you might want to try the DC adjust button as well, sometimes the bitorder of the sample may be a little off track and when applying certain effects, this becomes visible by seeing the sample graphic lowering below or raising above zero level.
If you are not certain about this, do a DC adjust and lower the sample’s amplification level prior to applying the Fx chain to the sample.

happy_milkshake_man: Btw, you DO know about the undo-command right? (CTRL-Z) It’s not ruined forever, you can always (in almost all cases) undo what you’ve done.

I misread what you said originally but I know what you mean now. When you use the “Process TrackFX” function inside the sample editor, it does clip quite easily if you have the combination of loud sample and some DSPs which boost the signal (like an EQ or resonant filter).

Some ways around this are to physically lower the gain of the sample itself before applying the fx, as vvoois has already mentioned, or for a bit more control put a NativeEffects>Gainer at the end of the effect chain and lower the gain there. It might take a little bit of trial and error to find the correct level where no clipping occurs. As Junoir pointed out, it is possible to undo changes to the sample provided that undo is actually enabled. The on/off button can be found in the lower left corner of the sample editor.


ah right yeah, thanks mate. and all others. sorted it now