Clipping Indicators In Mixer View

I know we are going into final with Renoise. But I was listening to some of the songs and and checking the mixer view. I noticed that the master channel has no clipping indicator (I know the big one on top of the screen has but not in in the mixer view) nor do the other channels. Is there a way to still add a little quare that turns into red if clipping occurred in every mixer channel?

per track should be very usefull.
if something peaked you must go search the channels.
if something indicates the peaking it will save time.

Yeah that would be good. The mixer needs a load of refining I think. It is great to have it in there at the moment though… I would hope for…

  1. Bigger strips
  2. Clipping indicator
  3. Continous Peak -db value indication
  4. Accurate -db markings.

Basically, if you could import the Mixer from Cubase, it would be perfect!

I agree some more indications would be nice. Not high priority but nice to have.

Isn’t it pretty much impossible to clip individual channels anyway?

virtual clipping rocks… :blink:

well it’s still a good indicator how things are getting along in your mix.
for a uhm lets call it ‘balanced sound’

Haha yes.

But really, some red-yellow-green indicators on the channel meters would be awesome too. I think it goes…

Red: above 0dB
Yellow: -3dB to 0dB
Green: under -3dB

The mixer’s perfect otherwise. :yeah: