Clipping Sound When Turning On Dsp

Hey, I’ve been using renoise to make music for years now and for the first time I’ve stumbled across something that’s quite annoying! This is a problem I noticed a while ago. For some Dsp effects when I right click on the check mark in order to turn on the effect I hear a pop. This was usually with 3rd party plug ins. But in a song I’m working on now I’m triggering my send channel on and off on every beat. This is creating a really bad popping noise. It took me a while to notice the sound and I thought it was coming from the samples I was working with. As soon as I deleted my send the problem stopped! Any help?

It’s probably better if you automate the Send Device’s Amount parameter instead, alternating between 0dB and -INFdB as needed. This should avoid the click/pop that you’re experiencing when turning the entire device on and off repeatedly.

from what I learned it may screw up PDC. looks like a disabled send-device excludes send-tracks DSP from PDC calculation. try without PDC or what dblue says :)

K thanks guys!