Clock/actual Time

I’am testing a little the Beta1 of Renoise 1.5 and missing the clock in the bottom right corner. Its true, the renoise logo is nice but not really usefull!

(I hope iam right here, to post this ;) )

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Has anyone an idea how both (the clock and the logo) could coexist ? I mean graphically…

What about an “onmouseover”? Moving the cursor on the logo shows the clock…

I like those “clock”-discussions. Renoise is able to do soooo damn much and everybody misses the clock. Running Renoise in windowed-mode shows the clock in the taskbar.

a click on the logo should switch between clock and logo.

Something like FT2’s placque

All true, all true, but it’s psychological. An application that has a clock in it is, to me at least, like one of those watches or alarm clocks which does a whole lot of other cool stuff too.

Imagine if you could track on your wristwatch? It’s all about integration, man…

I just wrote an Email to CASIO, I want them to support *.rns - in their watches :lol:

Yeah, real nice, similar idea: i wrote to Nokia to implement a mini-version of the MOS 6581 into their cellphones so it could support sid-tunes.
We both had a good laugh, but they won’t do it.