Clock Increased With Alarm-function


in the last week i was so busy at renoise that i missed to go at a really important date.
This was not the first time that i need an alarm function. I work fullsize and dont have the system-clock in front.

What about a feature to set alarm-beep or alarm-text?


If Renoise is Fullscreen (ctrl+enter), the system clock appears in the most upper right corner next to the CPU resources.

C’mon dude, you can’t be serious about this?

If you want an alarm then you should buy an alarm clock, or use the alarm function on a watch or mobile phone, or take your pick from tons of freeware apps that already exist for Windows and Mac.

Renoise is not your lifestyle manager, it’s music software!


Time spent on making an alarm for the clock in renoise is time not spent on something else. (I cant think if plenty of things more useful than an alarm function)


I am use renoise under linux. If i connected to jack with renoise, no other software (alarm-soft) give the audio out. This was my idea that an alarm seems usefull at this moment.

Why not?

Reality Check™

An alarmclock in your room still gives audio while Jack is being used. Also your mobile phone probably has an alarmclock that you can hear.
In sincere honesty i say that this idea is one of the few ideas that should not be taken in serious consideration because it is way too off-topic.
Watching the time is your own responsibility, not that of any particular application that you are working with.

I dont have say that i have a mobilphone :blink:

I dont think that a suggestion can be off-topic.

You are in the position to judge on upcoming ideas?

This i find a few posts on my idea are off-topic.

The alarm feature is not the big rocket science that keeps the dev nearly in trouble to realise.

It’s off-topic because it has nothing to do with making music :huh:

You are one in a million that doesn’t have a mobile phone, watch or dedicated alarm clock.

By off-topic i mean:This idea has nothing to do with music production whatsoever.
There is a very big fat wishlist an enormous amount of users desire to have implemented in Renoise.
An alarmclock would most likely get the lowest priority if it gets on that list. Estimated:It is not entirely impossible it would end up on it though, but i don’t consider this idea has much chances.

It is not hard to judge whether an idea fits within the concept music or audio production or not in this case, everybody here is in the position to be able to judge that, not just me.

Could you consider an explanation for that?

I already see the LoL situations where the live performer on stage suddenly gets an alarmbell with a dialog in the middle of his performance to remind him that he has to call his mother after his concert.

Well, it’s definitely positive that you were so much into Renoise that you forgot about time. Many of us will atest to that.

But you’re going to have to accept that this particular suggestion will get you some negative feedback.

It took several years for the clock that was removed in 1.5 to come back in 2.0 (fullscreen). It became an ongoing joke. Renoise has a long sordid history involving “clocks” that you evidently missed out on. But low and behold, years later, it made a come back. So you never know. ;)

That said, your suggestiong has been made, the devs will read it, and if I were you I would bow out gracefully.

Some suggestions get +1, others don’t. Is this really something you’re willing to fight about? There are obviously many 3rd party solutions. Renoise is not an operating system.

This is sometimes not possible.

If i am outdoor with my notebook and produce with my headphone i dont take an alarm clock with me. ;)

I think it will be a nice improvement because the small clock is the half way.

How hard can it be to implement a feature that send an alarm on the master and/or brings a text message in front?

I am for this idea, no matter how many user laugh on it. ^_^

Okay, desire granted, there is a rating-button on the top right… let’s see how many +1’s it gets…

I thought it was a aprils fools joke, would have been perfect for that or as a easteregg feature :)

It would be cool, Renoise have a alarmclock LOL

And I do easily spend to much time in Renoise, its addictive so I can see your view.

But seriously no.


We also need a render-selection-to-alarmtone feature.

. . . a yeah, and a cuckoo coming out of the masterbus!

I want the clock to count backwards …So when I open renoise I allready have a finished song :rolleyes:


BamBooli, there might be a vist already out there doing this, dunno…I have seen some vst-clocks. You could ask for, suggest an alarm vsti on the kvr forum, there somebody might want to fill this niche :)


thanks for info, but i am on linux and dont use vst. The problem is. If i have renoise running with jack and at fullscreen, only audio from renoise is getting out.

This situation was my intention for this idea.