Clone Pattern Button - Work On Selected Patterns

A long while back I suggested a “clone selected” and “make unique” option for the pattern column on the far right. It’s obviously been long since implemented but I’ve never understood why the button’s implementation only cloned the current pattern and not the selected patterns as the right click menu does. They obviously both have their own shortcuts (ctrl+K vs ctrl+shift+K) but I’m just wondering what the benefit of this difference in operation is.

As I try to remember to preface any of my suggestions, this is purely subjective. I’ve been just fine using the kb shortcut ctrl+shift+K but many times I hit that clone button expecting the selected patterns to be cloned but that isn’t how it works. It seems odd as I feel a users’s expectation would be that an operation would be performed on a selection.

Here’s a screen shot so you know what I’m talking about. I highlighted the two operations in orange.

Thanks again for renoise.

Both those buttons I would expect to only add one new pattern, either a blank one or the current one. You can have a selection a long way away from current pattern as well, which may cause confusion. As they are around the currently edited pattern this is what I would expect them to function on. Is context-menu or keyboard-shortcut really too hard?

I remember I did get confused a while ago when default Clone shortcut changed from being Clone Selection to Clone Pattern but those buttons have always behaved like that from what I remember and personally think it’s most logical.

good point.

No, again it’s not that a kb shortcut is too hard… This is more just a questioning of the logic as to why, if a user takes the time to make a selection, the operation “clone” doesn’t use the selection as it’s clone source.

I think what you stated above sums it up and it’s true, but I think some expectation can be made that a user needs to keep in mind an order of operations… making a selection is usually the first in order… Not a big deal I guess subjectively I never understood where the benefit of ignoring a selection for that button lies.