Clone Pattern Tool Has Misleading Tooltip

Clone pattern button says the shortcut key is CTRL-1, but the CTRL-1 is assigned to edit step and it doesn’t work on the clone button.

Not only for the sequencers tooltip, but also in most right click context menus and other tooltip like the one in the disk browser. Let me try to explain why:

Renoise has two kind of shortcuts:

  • Globals, which work everywhere (except when typing in text)
  • Locals, which only work when a component like the Disk Browser of Sequencer has the Keyboard focus.
    Local keyboard focus is set by clicking with the middle mouse button or Alt clicking, or by navigating via Control + Tab

See (Keyboard Focus) for more info.

The tooltip and context menus currently do not make it obvious if a shortcut is local or global, so no wonder that you got confused by this. This is definitely something we should improve, but the question is how?

Adding suffixes like (global) or (when focused) will work for tooltips, but will blow up all context menues.
Using short prefixes or icons like (l), (g) helps distinguishing them but is not obvious at all.

I will for now at least add the “(when focused)” suffix in the tooltips, skipping the (global) suffix. Any ideas how to make this more obvious?

maybe with colors (in reference to the focus-color) or seperate them in

Either way, I would like to do “clone pattern” shortcut in pattern view. Would fit better in with workflow.

ah come on, instead of “directly” using the shortcut you just have to wrap it into “ctrl+shift+tab” shortcut for pattern sequencer “ctrl+tab” and everything is as it should be. i don’t see the workflow killer here that would justify making this shortcut global. >_>

There are clone shortcuts in the patterneditor, but I’ve just seen that they conflict with Linux OS shortcuts: Control+Alt+Shift+ F1-F12.

You can remap them to something easier in the keyboard preferences pane -> PatternEditor -> Pattern Sequence -> Clone ***