Clone Tracks And Combine Songs

Yo folks,

perhaps I desire the impossible but … let’s give it a shot.

Is there a way to exactly clone a track, complete with automation, effects, notation, etc?

I know, i know, there are ways to do it like copy track effects and then, pattern by pattern, copy the notation and automation, but it would be nice 'n easy if this could be done with one handling.

Furthermore, we’re gonna take Renoise live on stage soon :yeah: and we would like to implement tracks that we have worked out the last couple of years.
Therefore, is there a way to import a complete song within a current song so we can glue all songs together in one live set? If no, do any of you guys have experience with how to put this kinda thang?

To your first question no, but this would be a useful addition.

To your second question the only workaround I think would be possible would be to render all your tracks to separate wavs and reload them into one large rns. This tho may require rediculous amounts of ram and may not be possible (have never attempted it myself!). Also you may lose access to the information your actually wanting to change i.e. the note information that might have been more important to you than fx processing this way would allow.

The second idea to be able to glue rnss together somehow is also a good idea and I think it has been mentioned before somewhere but not currently possible (dont know if anyone else knows of a workaround for this?).

soz couldnt help more but best of luck wiv your gig (if you havnt had it already!)

Think he is talking about tracks within songs rather than whole rns`s

Render the songs to wav-files, make live-mixes and remove all sounds that shall be played live (leads, guitarrs etc) and record them to a dat-recorder and play them as backtracks ;) Or maybe cut the waves doen to segments and mix them live in a program like Ableton Live (I haven’t tried that program myself but I have heard other people in this forum speak about it)